The Emerge Education programme provides access to the top education institutions, investors and entrepreneurs in Europe. 

All applications will now be considered for EE9 running from February to May 2018. As we process applications on a rolling basis, it pays to apply early.

Your full name and role

What is the name of your startup?

In one sentence, what does it do?

Website URL

Year founded (YYYY)

If you have a deck, upload it!

Which country are you based in ?

We love to have a play around with the products. Please provide us with e.g login details / download codes / a link to a demo video

What problem are you solving, and how are you solving it? How far along in the development of the product are you?

Do you know whether your product is having a positive impact?

Select the Sector you operate within *

Please choose the one or two that are most relevant. It is less helpful when applicants choose half a dozen.

Who is your primary customer? *

Who is your primary end user? *

Select the categories that apply to your product *

Select the relevant subjects *

Show us the evidence of your proven market demand. We appreciate actual numbers.

How many users do you have? How quickly is that number growing? Are any of them paying? If so how much? How sticky are those users? How many are still active after 30 days for example / how often are people using your product?


What features do your users love, and how do you know? *

What experience do you and your team have that make you THE  team to make this business work and grow fast? Why cant other talented people replicate what you are doing?

How much external investment have you received?

Provide links to your direct competitors (a, b, and c) and links to those who you can / could co-operate in a strategic alliance (d,e,f)

competitor 1 *

competitor 2

competitor 3

co-operator 1 *

co-operator 2

co-operator 3

Briefly, how are you different to your competitors (a,b,c) ?

Briefly, why do you think you can co-operate and add strategic value to these companies (d,e,f) ?

All done. We will be contact in October and will be conducting first round interviews in November 2017.
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